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civic society in the UK

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At BCI we are proud of our charitable and civic sectors in all parts of the UK

The British Civic Institute was established to boost and promote British Civic Society in all parts of the United Kingdom. There are four Nations within the UK, each with its own unique and strong culture. Individually these are powerful, but when harnessed as part of the United Kingdom, the effect and reach is multiplicative.

Civic society can provide the expertise and focus, strengthening the cohesion of society and providing the British people with a sense of ownership and achievement in their local communities.

At BCI we will proudly develop UK positive policies and initiatives to enable public, private and civic society to operate more effectively, both within and across all four parts of the UK. By harnessing this power the system as a whole can be advanced alongside its parts.

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Socio-economic benchmarks; a solution – part 2

A solution – PART 2: In part one we established that these socio economic benchmarks do not was to be used to politicise across devolved …

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